Why sponsor?

Innisfil Soccer Club (“ISC”) is a not-for-profit organization operating primarily through volunteer efforts. The success of our Club is due to our great sense of community and support we receive from our Community Partners.

In addition to promoting youth soccer and positive aspects of team sports and how it positively influences the lives of our children, Innisfil Soccer Club’s primary focus is on developing skilled soccer players, and creating in them a lifelong passion for the sport. To achieve our goal we require more than just volunteers. Local, individual and corporate sponsorship donations play an important role in operating the successful programs we provide to our community. Your donation dollars helps contribute to our on-going equipment, maintenance and field costs.

Your company can participate at various giving levels with attractive benefits at each. Corporations may be found on team jerseys and our website.

Our packages are:

Two Teams
Name & logo on 2 team
Logo on division page
Team picture for your business
Four Teams
Name & logo on 4 teams
Logo on division page
Team picture for your business
Age Division
Name &; logo on full division on front
Logo on main page and division page
Division picture for your business
ISC Hoodie
All Teams
Name & logo on yolk, all teams
Logo on main website and every page
iSC Hoodie

* No Exclusivity – Division Sponsors takes precedence
** The Innisfil Soccer Club agrees to that the sponsor shall not be liable for activities and/or actions of members of the Innisfil Stampeders Soccer Club