A. Club Colors, Logos and Crests:

The Innisfil Soccer Club Stampeders logo will be used as the insignia for The Club.

All uniforms,, accessories, crests, letterheads, etc., will display the Club logo.

All travel and representative teams will use “navy blue and orange” as their team colours. Alternate colours will be white and navy blue.


B. Emergency Expenditures and Investments:

Emergency expenditures may be approved and purchased by the three signing officers:  

  • President;
  • Secretary; and,
  • Treasurer.

 If an emergency expenditure does arise and a purchase is made, it must be brought forward and explained at the next Board meeting.

All Club investments will be made at the discretion of the three signing officers.  Only the following types of investments will be allowed:

  • Canada’s Savings Bonds;
  • RRSP Savings Account;
  • Daily Interest Savings Accountor; or,
  • T-Bills.

All other types of investments must receive approval from the Board through a majority vote.


C. Disciplinary Procedures


The Discipline Committee will consist of no less than three (3) members of which one (1) shall be the chairman.

The Director of Game Officials/Referees will act only as an advisor.

The minutes of the meeting shall be recorded.

The referee’s game report (on Club approved forms) must be sent to the Club Secretary within 48 hours of completion of the game.

Teams are responsible for the conduct of their players, staff and spectators. Disciplinary action maybe taken for conduct that is deemed unsuitable or disruptive.

All discipline matters not covered in this article shall be in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the OSA.


All league protests must be in writing and accompanied by a cheque for ($75.00) (certified chequeo r money order) within 48 hours of the completion of the game being protested. A copy of the protest must be delivered to the team being protested against.

Playoff and tournament protests must be submitted in writing accompanied with the protest feew ithin twenty-four hours to the Director of Convenors or Club Secretary or a member of the Board by hand delivery. Saturday, Sunday and holidays are included. A copy of the protest must be given to the team being protested against.

Proof of the use of an ineligible player (during a league, playoff or tournament game) can only be used as the basis to protest the outcome of a game. Players listed on the official team sheet are deemed to have played. All other protests involving the alleged misinterpretation by a Referee or other Game Official of the Laws of the Game as set out in league, play-off and tournament Rules and Regulations will NOT be entertained by the Club. The decision of the Committee is final and binding with no leave to appeal.

The disposition of protest and appeal fees shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

3. DISCIPLINE POLICY (House-League):

The following is the standard discipline policy for the Club:

  • 3 yellow cards = 1 game;
  • 2 additional cards  = 2 games;
  • 1 red card = 1 game;
  • 2 red cards = 3 games; 
  • Player Assault = refer to OSA;
  • Game Official Assault = refer to OSA;
  • Game Official Verbal Abuse = refer to OSA; and,
  • Violent Conduct = refer to OSA.

4. DISCIPLINE POLICY (Travel and Representative):

All discipline matters regarding Travel and Representative Teams shall be in accordance with SCYSL, York Region MJDL, CSL, CGSL or the OSA.


Shall be conducted in the following manner:

The Director of Game Officials/Referee’s shall establish a committee of three neutral persons to hear each case, and shall be responsible for the hearing, including the maintenance of all disciplinary records and the publishing of the findings of the hearing.

Presence at the hearing by all parties involved is mandatory. Failure to appear will result in additional punishment being awarded in absentia.

All parties directly involved in a hearing may be accompanied by no more than three witnesses.

All findings of the Committee must be published and distributed to all parties directly involved in the hearing within 5 days (except weekends and statutory holidays) of the completion of the hearing.

The board shall reserve the right to refuse a request for a Leave to Appeal.


D. Capital Expenditures

The following Board members will prepare a budget for the year that outlines all expenses expected for that year and gives a dollar amount for  each: The budget will be based on the previous year’s expenditures.

  • Registrar – Forms and Photocopying Budget
  • Secretary – Office Supplies, Photocopying Budget
  • Treasurer – Office Rental and Utility Expenses Budget
  • Director of Fundraising – Uniform, Trophies, Plaques Budget
  • Director of Fields – Field Equipment, Balls, Paint, etc., Budget
  • Director of Coaching – Training and Training Material Budget
  • Director of Referees – Training and Referee Payments Budget
  • Director of Communications – Promotion, Publicity, Website Budget
  • Director of Tournaments and Banquets – Banquet Budget

The budget will be based on the previous year’s expenditures.

All budgets will be presented at the November meeting and voted upon.

Should expenses exceed the budgeted amount or an expense arises throughout the season that has not been budgeted for, than a motion must be brought forward to Board and be voted upon and accepted before the purchase may be made.


E. Volunteer Screening Policy

Innisfil Soccer Club accepts their responsibility to children, young adults, parents and volunteers involved in its programs and is committed to enduring adherence to the following policy to support the provision of sound, safe, and healthy soccer experiences in our community.

Due to the positions of trust that are inherent in the provision of active, highquality- sport activities, volunteers including the Board, coaches, assistant coaches, manager/trainers, and referees, shall ber equired to undergo a screening process based on the duties assigned by the Club. This screeningp rocess will be comprised of a variety of measures and shall include a Police Reference Check. All volunteers will be required to participate in an orientation that will introduce duty assignments asw ell as relevant Club policies and expectations.

The Innisfil Soccer Club screening measures MAY include:

  • Application forms with references
  • Interviews
  • Police record checks
  • Training and education
  • Reporting mechanisms
  • Evaluations

All volunteers must submit a Police Record Check to the Innisfil Soccer Club Screening Officer as follows:

  • All other Directors – as required by the club
  • President, VP, Treasurer, Registrar, and Secretary, Head Coach, Director of Referees – every two (2) years starting in 2003
  • Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers/Managers of (Travel, All-Star, MJD, CSL, CGSL) – every two (2) years starting in 2003
  • Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers/Managers of House-League Teams – every three (3) years starting in 2004
  • Referees (over the age of 18) and all other volunteers – as deemed necessary by the club

The Innisfil Soccer Club Screening Officer will determine that Police Record Checks submitted are in order for all volunteers with the club. In the event of any irregularities on a Police Record Check, the matter will be referred to the ISC’s President for resolve.

An individual whose Police Record Check establishes any of the unacceptable behaviours stated, below may be deemed unsuitable and may be rejected as an applicant or dismissed from any volunteer position with the ISC or a decision may be made by the Screening Officer or individual that conditions be placed on the applicants’ acceptance. In the case of a dispute, a committee will be formed that must include three of the following: the Screening Officer, the President, the Vice-,President the Registrar, the Treasurer and/or the Secretary. The committee will be the deciding factor and all decisions of the committee will be final.

These unacceptable behaviours include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Violent behaviour against children or adults
  • Conduct against public morals, i.e., sexual offences
  • Substance or chemical abuse occurring in the preceding 5 (five) years
  •  Violation of a position of trust including theft or fraud occurring in the preceding 5 (five) years
  • Criminal driving offences, including but not limited to impaired driving
  • Violation of any government regulations or licensing privileges

A PRC must no be more than 4-months old when reviewed. Once an individual has been accepted to act or continue as a volunteer, a PRC will be required as stated above. The screening officer mayr equest a current PRC if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the PRC is no longer accurate.

The applicant for a volunteer position will be notified of the need for a PRC by the ISC. A PRC canb e obtained from any South Simcoe Police Services and the Police Records Check Applicant

Declaration and Review Form is available from the ISC. The completed PRC and Section A of the Police Records Check Applicant Declaration and Review Form must be provided to the Screening Officer for review. After viewing the PRC and determining that the applicant’s PRC is acceptable, the screening officer will complete Section B of the Police Records Checks Applicant Declaration and Review Form. The form will than be filed in a secure cabinet and remain private and confidential to be viewed only by the Screening Officer and/or President of the Club.


F. Harassment Policy:

The Innisfil Soccer Club will abide by the Harassment Policy of the Ontario Soccer Association. If a member of the ISC wishes to lodge a Harassment complaint, it shall be submitted in writing to the ISC’s Harassment Officer. The Harassment Policy is available through The Club.