• Proper communications within the Innisfil Soccer Club is vital to our success. The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines to facilitate communications that are coordinated and consistent as well as open and responsive.


  • The Club is committed to providing up-to-date information by ensuring that the standards and frequency of communication meet the requirements of members. The Innisfil Soccer Club has adopted an integrated marketing communications program in order to increase two-way communications with members and the community, provide access to complete and comprehensive information plus, awareness of new Club programs such as, technical training, clinics and summer camp for children.
  • The main method of communication among members, coaches, managers, executives and staff is by email. Time sensitive information comes from numerous third parties including, the Municipality, Leagues, District and Provincial Soccer Associations as well as, between Executives, Coaches and managers and their teams.
  • Several methods of communication to members, parents/carers, supporters, volunteers, coaches, officials and the community have been implemented by The Innisfil Soccer Club. In order to ensure continuous communication about the Club, important announcements, how it operates, policies and regulations, expectations from Executives, directors, coaches, managers, officials, members, staff, volunteers, parents and players the Club has put into place best practices and establishes regular communications via the following methods:
  • The Innisfil Soccer Club will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) not later than January 31 of the following year and Special General Meetings (SGM), if required. From the Innisfil Soccer Club Constitution: “Article 6: Meetings.”
  • Board of Directors: Board meeting minutes will be made accessible to Board Members within one week after the most recent board meeting and again just before the next meeting along with a meeting reminder. Approval of the minutes shall be at the next scheduled board meeting. Agendas for upcoming board meetings are to be made available to the membership at the Club office.
  • Sub-Committees: The Committee Chair, Club Head Coach/Head Referee/Administrator shall report on a sub-committee (i.e. Tournament Committee) providing minutes of the last meeting. These minutes will be provided to the membership in the manner outlined under Board of Directors. Any other committees formed as sub-sections of the Board must report as above.
  • The Innisfil Soccer Club By-laws, Policies and Rules: Club bylaws, policies and rules will be made available to Club members. Hard copies can be obtained at the Club office and will be published on the Club website.
  • Membership Communication: A master email distribution list is maintained in order to communicate throughout the year. Members are to be kept informed about Club activities and events such as, registration dates, tournaments, try-outs, field changes, schedules for technical programs, dates of coaching and referee clinics, volunteer requirements, club rules, information from the Ontario Soccer Association and Canadian Soccer Association etc. Other methods of communications to Club members and the community include the following:
    • Website –
    • Monthly newsletter and email updates to members, board members, coaches
    • Regular Meetings: AGM, Special General Meetings, Monthly Board meetings, Coaches meetings (Competitive and Recreational, Parent-Coach meetings)
    • Outdoor signage
    • Various member clinics and parent workshops
    • Club Social Networking sites; regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Flyers and glossy brochures about programs
    • Editorial coverage and advertising in local newspapers and Parks and Rec Guides
    • Distributing emails, flyers and brochures to local schools and businesess
    • Word of mouth communication
    • Club Calendar of Events
    • Free Online Community Announcements/Event Calendars
    • Television and radio
  • Rules for posting to ISC Social Media websites (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) include no foul or profane language, photographs or video containing nudity or of a pornographic nature. Online bullying, harassment and racism are strictly prohibited. Be respectful and use common sense when posting to the Internet.