• To provide a mechanism for the Club to resolve conflict that may arise on behalf of a member, player or parent/guardian of a member, other members including, employees, coaches, managers, trainers, officials or volunteers.


  • Any player or parent who has a complaint regarding the conduct or decisions of the Coach should first discuss the issue with the Manager. The Manager will then discuss the issue with the Coach and report back to the person issuing the complaint however, the Coach may choose to report back to the parent issuing the complaint.
  • A player or parent who has a complaint concerning a team Manager should discuss the matter first with the Team Head Coach. If the matter is not resolved the player or parent may issue the complaint in writing to the Director of Travel and Competitive as well as, Club Head Coach.
  • If an issue has not been resolved to their satisfaction, the parent/player should put the issue in writing by using the Innisfil Soccer Club’s Complaint Intake Form. A copy of the form should be submitted to the Club Head Coach, Director of Travel and Competitive, with a copy to the Club Office. Action will be taken on written complaints. Players and parents are encouraged to put complaints in writing.
  • All written complaints will be treated in a timely, sensitive manner and kept confidential. Please include any documentation taken from a disclosure of an abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination, neglect or hazing incident that may be relative to the complaint.
  • The Club Head Coach or Director of Travel and Competitive will advise the complainant of the action taken as a result of their complaint.
  • If a complaint cannot be resolved by the methods stated above or the complaint involves a serious criminal offence the complaint will be directed to the Club President and ISC Discipline Committee in which local police or child protection services may be contacted.



  • The ISC has a complaints procedure in effect and is to be free of unfair repercussion or victimization of another ISC member. If at any point during the complaint process a complainant has made allegations that they reasonably ought to have known to be as untrue, of a vexatious or malicious nature against another ISC member, the complainant will be requested to appear before the Club’s Discipline Committee. Disciplinary action may then be brought against the complainant. Disciplinary action may also be imposed on any member who victimises another member for making a complaint.


  • A complainant may feel that their complaint may be sorted out by agreement between the people involved; they can request a mediator to assist in resolving the situation who would be a member of the ISC Discipline Committee.