Conflict of Interest


  • To provide standards of conduct to assist the Executive and Directors of the Innisfil Soccer Club in the avoidance of and, in dealing with conflict of interest situations. Directors are subject to the Standards of Conduct set forth by the Conflict of Interest Policy (18.0) in the OSA published rules.


    • All members of the Executive Committee and Directors of the Innisfil Soccer Club are bound to act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interest of the Innisfil Soccer Club, its members, partners, supporters, the game of soccer in the Town of Innisfil and the Province of Ontario. The basis of this Conflict of Interest Policy is to provide for the unconditional loyalty of Directors and the Executive Committee which is to keep the Innisfil Soccer Club and its members’ best interest first in their decision-making. This included any situation in which Directors and the Executive committee have a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of his/her official duties.
    • The activities of the governing organization, and those of its Directors, shall be conducted in a manner becoming the high ethical standard of business conduct expected of the leaders of soccer in Ontario. Consistent with such standards of conduct, conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts of interest are to be avoided where possible and acted upon openly and appropriately when encountered.
    • Each Director is under an obligation to avoid a conflict of interest, whenever reasonably possible. However, conflicts of interest may arise. In such situations, the Director is required:
      • to declare the conflict of interest, and refrain from voting on the issue in question;
      • to absent himself or herself from the meeting at any time there is discussion of the matter giving rise to the conflict;
      • to refrain from lobbying or participating in the decision making process.
    • Each Director is also required to declare a conflict even when the conflict for the Director arises after the contract or arrangement is made with the other company, firm, or organization in which the Director acquires an interest or significant involvement. In this situation, the Director is to declare his or her conflict at the first meeting of the Directors held after the Director becomes interested in the other company, firm, or organization.
    • A Director who has any questions or concerns regarding situations of conflict of interest or potential or possibly perceived situations of conflict of interest should seek and obtain appropriate guidance and counsel from the President of the Innisfil Soccer Club or other Board Member.
    • There are basically two situations giving rise to a conflict of interest. One is that of “financial interest” and the other is an “obligation of loyalty”. The circumstance giving rise to a conflict of interest need not be those of the individual Director but may be the interest of a person having close family ties to the Director, or a friend, business associate, or colleague of the Director”.
    • When a potential conflict of interest relevant to a decision being considered by the Executive Committee and Directors, the following process shall occur:
      • the interested party shall call it to the attention of the Board;
      • such person shall not be allowed to vote on the matter;
      • in some cases the President can request and have a majority vote by the Board to determine if such person should leave the room and shall not participate in the final deliberation. However, prior to their exiting, questions may be asked of her/him;
      • a contract or transaction shall be considered binding if the interest is disclosed and the Board approves, authorizes or ratifies the action in good faith by a majority of directors (not counting the interested board member) at a meeting where a quorum in present;
      • after this action, the official Minutes shall reflect that these requirements have been met.
    • On election, re-election or appointment to a position as a Director of Innisfil Soccer Club, the individual must sign and submit a “Conflict of Interest Statement” acknowledging that he/she has read, understood and agreed to act in accordance with this Conflict of Interest Policy. The Statement must also disclose:
      • any other soccer activity or position; and,
      • any personal, professional, business activity or position that may at that time, or could in the future, be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Such a statement must be updated as circumstances require.
    • A Conflict of Interest Statement shall be provided by the ISC Board of Directors.
    • A decision may be rescinded for a violation of this Conflict of Interest Policy.
    • Failure by an individual to act in accordance with this Conflict of Interest Policy could be considered as sufficient grounds for removal of an individual from his or her position as a Director.