Logos, Colours and Crests


  • To provide a uniform representation for all INNISFIL SOCCER CLUB (“ISC”) employees, members and individuals.


  • The Innisfil Soccer Club Stampeders logo will be used as the insignia for The Club. All uniforms, accessories, crests, letterheads, etc., will display the Club logo.
  • Club Executive, members, coaches, managers, officials, volunteers or parents who wish to use the Club logo or crest must first request permission from the ISC President and disclose details of the intended use. Once approval has been provided the logo or crest may then be used for the desired purpose.
  • Only an “Official” logo or crest, approved by the ISC President, may be used by Club Executive, members, coaches, managers, officials, volunteer and parents for marketing, advertising, fundraising or any other purpose.
  • All travel and representative teams will use “navy blue and orange” as their team colours. Alternate colours will be “white and navy blue.”