Title: Refund Policy
Approved by: INNISFIL SOCCER CLUB Board of Directors
Date: Approved 2009, Revised-Approved February 2011, Revised-Approved April 2013, Revised-Approved September 2017

1.0 If a situation arises in which a member requests a refund of a registration fee, the following guidelines apply for reimbursement of funds.

2.1 If a refund is requested, the following items must be provided to the Club:
(a) A receipt of registration (copy of registration form);
(b) A written explanation why a refund has been requested.
2.2 All refunds are subject to a $40.00 administration fee.

Recreation Outdoor Season
2.3 Registration fees for Youth Select, Youth Recreational and Adult Recreational Leagues for the Recreation Outdoor season will be refunded at the following rate:
(a) Withdrawal before June 1st- Full refund less the administration fee
(b) Withdrawal between June 1st and June 8th – 75% refund less the administration fee
(c) Withdrawal between June 9th and June 15th – 50% refund less the administration fee
(d) Withdrawal after June 15th – No refund

Development/Competitive Team Fees
2.4 The Board of Directors will publish a fee payment schedule in October each year for the Development and Competitive player fees related to the winter and summer seasons. The amount due from each player includes fees related to: winter training, club registration, uniform and miscellaneous team costs. Fees must be paid in accordance with the fee payment schedule in order for players to be eligible to train and participate with their team.

2.5 Fees for the Development/Competitive players will be refunded as follows:
2.5.1 Withdrawal before November 1st – Full refund less the administration fee
2.5.2 Withdrawal November 1 to November 30th – 50% refund of fees less the
administration fee.
2.5.3 Withdrawal after November 30th – no refund

2.6 All players, including those under evaluation, will pay winter training fees as set out in the published fee schedule.

2.7 Subject to receipt of a medical certificate, injured players may be refunded the portion of their fees related to club registration and miscellaneous team fees until the end of June.

2.8 Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Club Executive.

2.9 Registration fees will be refunded in full with no administration charge due to the cancellation of an entire team by the Club (i.e. if an age division, whether competitive or recreation league team does not run for that season.)

2.10 All refunds processed by the Club will be paid in the form of a cheque. Cheques are to be picked up at the Club during office hours. All refunds processed by the Club will be provided to the individual that made the initial payment for registration.